Our Partners

The Grumeti Fund values external partnerships and knowledge-sharing. By developing opportunities with sector specific experts we can increase the positive impact on the ground.  From key government stakeholders to anti-poaching technology developers and enterprise development professionals, we are proud to call the following organizations and companies our Impact Partners.

“Singita is a conservation brand that has been preserving African wilderness for the past 25 years, offering guests an exceptional safari experience with 12 luxury, award-winning lodges and camps across five regions in Africa.  In partnership with non-profit funds and trusts who implement strategic conservation projects in each region, Singita is preserving and protecting pristine land and wildlife populations, and helping to create economic independence within local communities surrounding the reserves.”

“Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority’s mission is to conserve and sustainably utilize wildlife resources in protected areas. For this, TAWA collaborates with local communities and other national and international stakeholders so that present and future generations of Tanzanians, as well as the global community can benefit.”

“African Conservation and Community Foundation’s mission is to contribute to the preservation of wilderness areas, as well as to empower the communities living alongside these spaces, contributing to a world in which people and wildlife live together, sustainably, forever.”