Project Officer – Rural Enterprise Development

The Project Officer, Rural Enterprise Development (RED) is a multi-disciplined individual primarily tasked with implementing the end-to-end Rural Enterprise Development program for the Grumeti Fund within Bunda and Serengeti districts of Mara Region, Tanzania. This implementation includes the operational day-to-day running of the program as well as the functional delivery of the program outcomes (i.e. Guiding of entrepreneurs and facilitation/training of entrepreneurs and rural community members). The Rural Enterprise Development program is being implemented under the technical direction of Raizcorp, a business incubator based in South Africa…More Details


HWC Mitigation Research Fellowship

The Grumeti Fund and RISE are requesting applicants for graduate students interested in collaborating on a research project, “Evaluating the efficacy, impacts, and perceptions of electric fencing as a human-wildlife conflict management tool in the western Serengeti”. Specifically, areas of research may include one or more of the following: 1) Evaluating the efficacy of electric fencing with respect to preventing wildlife from entering settlements and reducing the risk of HWC, 2) Assessing community perceptions and support for electric fencing as a management tool, 3) Quantifying the ecological and environmental impacts of electric fencing. Research methods may include the use of spoor surveys, compiling maintenance records, household surveys, animal movement data, camera trap data, and remote sensing…More Details


Game Scout

The Game Scouts will work together with the Grumeti Fund’s Government partners to secure the Ikorongo Grumeti Game Reserve Complex. They are responsible for ensuring the integrity of the protected area, which falls within the Greater Serengeti eco-system. This includes maintaining a safe environment for the wildlife and vegetation. The Game Scouts are directly responsible for preventing illegal activity as well as intervening when poaching takes place. They will fall under a management structure and be responsible for reporting any illegal activity to the management of the Grumeti Fund and our Government partners…More Details