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The Serengeti Girls Run is a three day, 63 km, all-women endurance run through Tanzania's Serengeti. Navigating through iconic wilderness and wildlife, we follow 14 women from across the world as they race for a local cause -- the empowerment of women. Watch the full

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For over 20 years, Laurian Lamatus has been educating the youth and communities across Tanzania about the value of the Serengeti's diverse ecosystem. Watch the full episode

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Moving rhinos to landscapes where they've been absent for ages is wildly complicate -and expensive. But what it's contributing to conservation may be priceless. Read the full article

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In early September, nine critically endangered black rhinos were airlifted from South Africa on a Boeing 747 cargo plane, transferred to a massive C-130 Hercules waiting on an airstrip in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro region, and then flown to the westernmost part of Serengeti National Park. Read


Out of control poaching in the Grumeti Reserve had decimated wildlife by the time the Grumeti Fund assumed management in 2003. Since then, careful management has ensured that populations of lion and elephant have at least quadrupled. Read the full article


Conservation is too soft a word to describe the measures being taken to address the crisis facing land and wildlife in Africa. But the Grumeti Fund is an example of best-in-class anti-poaching. This, coupled with large-scale systemic change, education, and community empowerment, is the one-two

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As poaching becomes more militarised, the only solution is to use technology that poachers do not have. The collars transmit signals via a LoRa network – a long-range, low-power closed wireless platform that uses multiple frequencies and encrypted data so it’s difficult to hack. Read


When I told people I was going to Africa to run a 56-mile, multi-day race in the Serengeti accompanied by the natural wildlife like lions, buffalo, and giraffes, the response was mostly, "That's badass." When I added that I had less than two months to

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About 1160 secondary school girls aged between 15 and 17 years in Serengeti District had been equipped with the knowledge and urged to fight against female genital mutilation (FGM). Read the full article

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In Tanzania's Grumeti Game Reserve, next to Serengeti National Park, elephants roam, rangers sleep more peacefully at night, and poachers have been put on notice, thanks to new technology designed to protect one of the world's most endangered species.Read the full press article

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But as Tanzanians join the world in marking the World Rhino Day this week, it’s comforting to note that a private conservation organization, Grumeti Fund, is working on the re-introduction of the Black rhino in Grumeti Reserve located in the western part of the world’s